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After many years in the water market we recognise the important role that Water Brokers play to help you with your water decisions. We have found that most customers still prefer the contact with their local Water Broker to discuss issues such as:

  • The best time in the water year to buy or sell;
  • The latest trends and opportunities in the water market;
  • An overall water strategy for your enterprise;
  • New types of water products available such as forward and leases;
  • The trading rules for particular zones and types of water entitlements;
  • Changes in water market rules and associated Government policy;

At we have a comprehensive network of local Water Brokers to help you with your water decisions. Enter your address/postcode below to find local water brokers active in your area.

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Why Trade With Us

There are three main reasons why you should trade with us:

1) Straightforward and simple – your personalised portal makes it easy to load buy / sell orders, bid on water auctions and keep track of your trades.

2) Market depth and liquidity – we are Australia’s largest independent water exchange. This means the best opportunities to find buyers or sellers to match your trade and achieve the best possible price.

3) Financially secure – we are backed by some of Australia’s largest asx listed agribusiness companies and irrigation corporations.

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Landmark Water
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Hay Plains Livestock
Graeme Hayes Real Estate Pty Ltd
JLB Livestock and Property
B R and C Agents
Platinum Ag Services
Nutrien Ag Sol
Nutrien Harcourts
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Southern Australian Livestock Pty. Ltd.
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Our Partners - Water Authorities (Online Approvals)

History of was an early pioneer in the establishment of Australia’s water markets. It has a long history of development as detailed below.

The Waterexchange commences operations in 1994 and trades as Irrigation Extension Services.

The business offered various water asset management services in the Macquarie Valley of NSW.


The National Waterexchange was formed, and operates as an exchange service for water brokers across the northern river valleys of NSW. website launched, as an auction platform and conducts the world’s first online trading of water entitlements.


Name changed to the Waterexchange Pty Ltd

New premises in Dubbo NSW purchased and all technology centrally located.


Operations expanded across entire Murray Darling basin.

1000th trade finalised.


2000th trade finalised


Operational platforms changed to pure exchanged based trading.

Victorian trading commences


First forward water contract trades conducted.

First groundwater trades conducted


New office opened in Canberra ACT

First South Australian trades transacted.


10,000th online trade transacted on exchange based platform since 2002.


8,000 trades transacted in one year.

Drought peaks and leads to all time high temporary allocation price of $1,200 / ML.


Significant rainfall water prices reach low of $4 / ML.


Trading platform upgraded, entitlement auction system launched

Forward allocation and entitlement leases markets launched


5,000 trades transacted in one year.

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