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  • Head Office 03 54 803 762



  • The Waterexchange commences operations in 1994 and trades as Irrigation Extension Services.
  • The business offered various water asset management services in the Macquarie Valley of NSW.


  • The National Waterexchange was formed, and operates as an exchange service for water brokers across the northern river valleys of NSW.
  • website launched, as an auction platform and conducts the world’s first online trading of water entitlements.


  • Name changed to the Waterexchange Pty Ltd
  • New premises in Dubbo NSW purchased and all technology centrally located.
  • Western NSW's first optical fibre laid into building.
  • Waterexchange named as feature company for Chinese Water Week.


  • Waterexchange expands operations across entire Murray Darling basin.
  • 1000th auction based trade finalised.


  • 2000th auction based trade finalised


  • Operational platforms changed to pure exchanged based trading.
  • 24 hour online trading commences.
  • Victorian gerrymander broken, and VIC trading commences


  • First forward water contract trades conducted.
  • First groundwater trades conducted


  • New office opened in Canberra ACT


  • New office opened in Cohuna VIC.
  • Waterexchange enters into merger with Financial Energy Exchange.
  • MDB Water availability index launched.
  • First South Australian trades transacted.


  • 10,000th online trade transacted on exchange based platform since 2002.


  • National Stock Exchange of Australia acquires Waterexchange Pty Ltd.
  • 8,000 trades transacted in one year.
  • Drought peaks and leads to all time high of $1,200 per ML.


  • Drought continues and prices remain high around, $800 per ML.
  • Allocation announcements shock farmers as they are the lowest in history.


  • Significant rainfall lead to prices decreasing from prices around $500 per ML at the beginning of the water year down to $100 per ML prices.
  • Increased rainfall leads to increased allocations from levels around 30-40% to 100%.


  • Envex acquires the Waterexchange Pty Ltd.
  • Water prices reach an all time low of $4 per ML.


  • Permanent water listings launched.
  • Aqua Room newsletter launched.
  • Waterexchange fees drop to $35 (capped at $70).
  • Head office moves from Canberra to Echuca.
  • Water prices trade around $15 per ML.